Maybelline White Super Fresh Liquid Powder Review

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Hey everyone! Today's post is about this newest product from Maybelline.
This review is actually only for Indonesian, because I have made the video about this product on my Youtube Channel in Bahasa and for you who understand Bahasa, you can check it out here!

I have had a chance to try this product myself and I have a good impression about it.
This product is really perfect for summer or hot weather. Why?

It has SPF 50/PA++ with whitening effect
and the texture is so light and watery
It helps to control the oil for oily skin yet it helps to keep your face hydrated and fresh for you have dry to combination skin! 
It's awesome isn't it? So it's good for any skin types. 

If you don't know what is liquid powder, it's basically a base makeup. It works as moisturiser, sunblock, foundation and powder.
So after you apply this liquid powder onto your face, you don't need to set it off with the powder.

This liquid powder can help you to get your base makeup done in only 1 step. It helps a lot if you don't have much time to do your makeup. It gives a smooth natural finish on your skin and stays all day long!

Maybelline White Super Fresh Liquid Powder
• liquid type base makeup
• it looks like a foundation but dries up quickly and gives a powder finish look
• it is sweat free and oil free, it won't get cakey after few hours

I love this product, the only downside from this product is it dries up super quick so you have to apply it and then blend it straight away or it will just make a dry powdery mark on your face.

How to use a liquid powder:
1. Shake it first before you open the cap
2. Quickly apply it directly to your face by using your fingers. ( it is much better to apply and blend it out using your fingers instead of using a brush or a sponge, because this liquid powder dried so quickly and it can have a better absorption to the skin if you use your fingers )
3. Let it dry out for few seconds to get the powder finish look

This liquid powder helps to protect your skin from UVA and UVB with it's SPF 50/PA++
It will give your skin a natural radiance and prevent your skin from dullness caused by the air pollution.

This Maybelline White Super Fresh Liquid Powder is available in so many shades and my shade is N2 ( Ivory )

Watch the comparison before and after using the Maybelline White Super Fresh Liquid powder in my 5 minute campus makeup video ! 

You can get the products online on
Price: IDR 79,000

( it's also available for you guys who live in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other south east asia countries! )

Or just walk in to the store and get it from Maybelline counters!

What do you think about this product? Have you tried it? Please share what do you think about this product by leaving comment down below.

That's it for today guys~ see you.