The life of INFJ as a youtuber ?

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To start this completely different topic from my other beauty posts. What is INFJ? It's the rarest type from 16 personality types according to Jung's and Briggs Myers' theories of personality type.

INFJ stands for Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging.
INFJs tend to be idealist, they can clearly imagine a happier and more perfect future. They are generally doers as well as dreamers.

INFJs are introverts. They are sensitive and reserved. They are really selective about sharing personal private thoughts and their feelings.

The problem is INFJs tend to feel very lonely, they do not connect easily with other people since they are so rare. Because of this they tend to feel "out of place"

It's not easy to be a youtuber as an introvert, especially as an INFJ but it's not impossible. INFJs usually will work in the field where they can help others as counsellor, psychologists, doctors, life coaches or spiritual guides.
INFJs also have potential to pursue expressive careers such as writing, painting, blogging, story maker etc. They can also wotk in such fields like music, photography, design and art.

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In my case, I love art and design. Youtube gives me a media to express my passion. It's not only a place to be popular. It becomes a place for my personal growth. Lucky, I'm just a part-time youtuber.

Other types of personality might find it easier to do something on Youtube, being youtubers all they need to do are just creating a content and then act bubbly, friendly and energetic in front of people. It can help to boost their popularity as a youtuber.

I often feel so gloomy to create a video and tired to attend public events since as being a youtuber you need to attend some events sometimes. So whenever I feel like it already took my energy off, I just take a break and enjoying my "private" time. Being an INFJ makes me unconsciously absorbs things around me, includes the bad things so I am really a "moody" girl, I am a cancer too FYI.
I can't force myself to smile in front of the camera when actually I got something that disturbs my mind.

So usually when I feel like I'm in a good mood I will film some videos everyday.
I haven't decided whether I will be a fulltime youtuber or not. Because I personally still don't like to be in a place with so many new random people as an INFJ. I always think about the enjoyment and the meaning of my normal life, not just about how to be a popular youtuber (well, I am not even popular.. Haha)

INFJ is complicated. Personally it's not easy at first to find things I really want to do. Sometimes people just think that INFJs are just thinking too much or overly sensitive. Actually we just have our own way to connect our feelings with the things our brain needs to think.

Being INFJ doesn't mean you can't be successful in life. Since usually INFJs can't really fit with corporate jobs in the office, it doesn't mean that they can't make money and just being useless. There are a lot of other things outside that you can try! All you need to do is just  pushing yourself a bit to step out from your comfort zone and find the things you passionately to do ❤️ 

So keep dreaming! 😁❤️

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  1. This is so helpful! I'm an infj too and I've always wanted to try YouTube but whenever I want to make a video I don't feel in the right mood haha
    It really is hard to find people who understand me lol. Some of my really close friends are also INFJs and we just understand each other so well haha