First Time Trying app

2:29 PM Fei 0 Comments

"Ah it's easy. I just need to do lip sync." 
It was what I thought at the first time when I knew this app. Well, I have downloaded it on my phone since ages ago and I have seen so many people doing it but somehow I wasn't interested at all.

Lately I have been so bored and I just tried this app. Follow me if you want to see my stupidity @feiboo (seriously had nothing to do other than playing with my phone =.=')

So I gave it a try for the first time and..

Totally failed.. ㅠㅠ 아 진짜 힘들어 ~
It's really hard to sync the song while moving my phone to actually make it looks cool.

Because it's not easy, my curiosity makes me want to try it again and again. hahaha..

Damn~ I don't wanna follow the trend but I can't help it. I have to be able to do it smoothly and I might stop playing this app someday! lol