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Recently I bought some cosmetics and I tried 2 new brands. Espoir and Chosungah.

I'm kinda disappointed with the Espoir eye color pro palette, the color is not as pigmented as I expexted so I need to apply multiple times to make the color visible but I love the variants of the color for daily makeup.

I also bought some products from 3CE, this brand has been one of my favorites.

That square mirror that I have always wanted to buy but no money. Finally I got it! Haha.

Next, is the new brand I have always wanted to try since ages ago, Chosungah.
They got a sub-brand called 16brand, which the packaging I like more.. Much much more!!! I love their lipsticks.. They are so cute.

Okay so the the picture above is that FAMOUS 16brand fingerpen!! They are a bit pricey. It made me broke~
This product is quite interesting, the cushion is kind of hard though in my opinion and it tastes like a shampoo. The good point of this product is the color stays like.. forever.. Haha I mean it is lasting longer!

And then this one is R u 16? lipstick
NO! I'm 24 and half years old
The name is really cute!! I'm so in love with their pastel color packaging. It made me falling in love at the first sight and decided to buy it without realising that the price is expensive :(( 
Okay.. Nevermind

I want to show you the Chosungah Gum X Chrome Black Mascara that I bought too.

Don't you think it looks quite similar with Holika Holika Magic Pole mascara? 
This mascara is SUPER BLACK! Seriously I'm not lying and the bristle is designed specially for asian eyelashes, but sadly it's not waterproof.

The unique part of this mascara is how to apply it onto your eyelashes. It's kinda a bit different from a normal mascara.
You will find it out when you give it a try!

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