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I really wanted to share a bit of my personal story about bullying. This topic was really a trend on social media few months ago. I made a video about it and you can check it out!

I just want to show you that I am a living proof that someone who got bullied for years could actually stand up for themselves and SURVIVE!
I was bullied for like 10 years and it gave bad impact on my life for years. I was struggling to actually get out of that situation.
Especially when you had no power and your family didn't believe what actually happened to you and you could only stand up for yourself and try to survive to actually get the freedom of life that you want.

BULLYING IS NOT COOL! but if you saw someone got bullied and you didn't do anything, you are not that much different from those bullies who did that thing to the victim.

Someone who got bullied won't show to people their wounds, because there is no actual wound which people can see with eyes. The wounds are inside, in the heart. They got hurt emotionally and when they can't say it out loud, they just keep it inside, burry it deep down in their heart and it will eventually go to their unconscious mind.

If you experience this kind of thing, please don't give up. Believe me there is a lot of beautiful things you can see outside that situation. So try your best to live the life you have now, improve yourself, be a better person. There is not a thing that will end in vain if you really try hard.

If you believe in God, trust me in this kind of situation,  if you give yourself closer to Him, you will see that He always give you something in return for all your pains. God will always stand beside you, He will always watch over you and He always has a GOOD PLAN for your life in the future!!

Remember guys, YOU ARE PRECIOUS!! xx