Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil

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I know that summer is coming, and I am sure many of you guys will enjoy this summer with party, trip and of course BEACH!
we need waterproof makeup which is really essential when we go to the swimming pool, waterpark or even go to the beach.

Here I will give a short review about pencil eyeliner. I realized not everyone knows how to use liquid or cream eyeliner so this time I will give a little help for you guys who are beginner with makeup and pencil eyeliner is the best for you.

Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil #BR401
Price : $8-$10 (Online)
it is available in 5 color variants
basically, it is a pencil eyeliner which comes with built-in sharpener

-It is waterproof
-It is oil fade resistant
-Easy to make smooth line
-Long lasting (approx. 4 hours outdoor)
The color will fade away if you wear it more than 4 hours and you need to retouch it again.

-It is fragile, so make sure don't easily drop it
If you don't have etude house store in your place, you can order it online from or from another website such as and ebay.



  1. I don't think 4 hours is that longlasting to be honest! However, it's nice that it's waterproof. I think the liquid versions of this eyeliner are really great, too! Thank you for the interesting review!

    1. yeah the color fades away in 4 hours, but not that much though. I think it is much better than another pencil liner which is smudging around my eyes and makes me have panda eyes lol

  2. I never tried this proof 10 auto pencil, but glad to know that it's oil resistant! :D
    Unfortunately, it's only lasts for 4 hours x_x

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  3. have you use it in your waterline Fei ?
    if you have, how is it ?
    is it long lasting ?
    anyway loove the song that you put in your blog !
    usually i never listen to the blog's song but this is one, like it so much !

    1. yes. I have used it for my waterline as well and it is really good. It won't smudge to your lower lid but as I said the color may fade away after hours but it is long lasting enough if you don't wear it outside (e.g beach).

  4. Hi, side track abit, may I know what's the title of this song? Its really nice :)