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Many of you guys have been asking me about my haircare routine. Here it is!
I will introduce you a product which I currently use to protect my hair from damage which is caused by coloring, smoothing, and curling.

Hair essence - Somang cosmetics
Volume 110ml
Price $4

I bought it at SASA store, I am not sure if you can buy it from their online store though.
This is aqua hair essence, so it is mainly made from water with some ingredients such as protein and keratin to protect your hair before styling, as you know keratin is good for damaged hair treatment
How to use?
Spray it to dry hair or half-dry hair after you washed your hair. If you have frizzy hair, concentrating on the ends of hair.

It has fresh smell and it makes my hair soft even after hair drying

The bottle is so handy and not too big, so it's convenient to put it into your travel bag

Because it is basically water essence so it won't give much different effect instanly on super damaged or dry hair

okay that's it~ see you in my next post!