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Last week I was kind of "let my self fat" haha.. I had dinner with my friend and I ate A LOT !
We know that we "girls" need to keep our body fit and in "shape" but I can't do that in fact - I always fail on my diet XD

[while waiting for the food, I always finish the drink first.. lol]

I'm not that kind of girl who really cares about appearance, it's okay to have the urge to look "good", but what is "good" for people actually relatively depends on personal taste, so we should just enjoy our lives and don't forget to BE YOURSELF! ^^

Here are some pictures of foods which I ate at that time

[Yum~ yum I love french fries!!]

[and Pizza is my favourite!!]

[this cookies cream frappe is so good!!]

The place called "HOME", it is a local family restaurant [there are some tables for couples though.. haha]. The place is so comfortable, I chose to sit outside so I could feel the wind.. [there was time when the wind blew my hair to the point it turned out like "lion hair" -_-]
I ordered lemon tea and cookies cream frappe for the drinks and can you believe that I finished the pizza all by myself??? :p

 I was thinking that the lighting was really good to take picture so last but not least.. time for SELFIE! :p

[please ignore my messy hair after the cray cray wind blew it away~]

I will try to post more about my daily life on my blog.. hahaha.. it's fun :D !!
So, see you next time!!


  1. The pizza looks sooo good! *.*
    I think i wouldn't have managed to eat it all by myself, though. :o

  2. The real feiboo lifestyle, I like it very much :)

  3. ahshajd yummy food!!!
    awww you're so cute XD
    are you korean?
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- Charmaine

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  4. wow
    you finished that pizza all by yourself ? ?
    indeed, that pizza looks so tasty
    maybe i'll finished it all by myself too

    anyway do you mind if we follow each other ?
    i've already followed you