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Manufacturer : Vassen
Water Content : 55%

Diameter : 15mm
BC : 8.6mm
Water Content : 55%
1 year disposable

This lens has attractive design, it has black outer ring which make enlarging effect and consists dual colored pattern in light and dark color. If you look at it carefully, you can see there are some little sparkling dots around the iris area

The pattern looks like flowery lace, it's subtle design looks so feminine

Its high water content is much better than GEO.
55% is really high, normally other circle lenses only have 38%-42% 

For you who want to try new color or like purple color, I really recommend you to choose this lens.
the color is not that appealing, so for asian eyes it won't look that "weird" and "intense"

This is my first time wearing violet color circle lens, I got it from LensVillage and it turned out really good!!

This lens surprisingly has a really good material, it is thin and so comfy!
It won't sting your eyes even though you wear it for hours

if you want to see the real color of this lens, you can watch my review video

So, what do yo think about this circle lens??