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This is a bit late, I am so sorry for it but I want to give a little bit detail about HAIR TINT. This hair colouring products has been really popular in Korea recently. There are many brands in the market but I chose to buy some from Tony Moly ( it is cheaper.. I guess.. lol).

So what is HAIR TINT? It is temporary hair colouring products, it is similar with hair chalk.
The texture is powdery so it comes off easily but if you set it with wax or hairspray it can stay longer. You can also mix it to get the color that you want. 
HOW TO REMOVE IT? Just wash your hair with shampoo! EASY!

Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Tint is available in 6 colours
1. Fashion Red
2. Ultra Green
3. Neon Blue
4. Crazy Pink
5. Chic Purple
6. Tangerine Tonic


I bought 4 of them and I tried it on my hair. The result is pretty good, the color turns out really bright and visible. But make sure you wear gloves and black shirt because when you apply it onto your hair, the powder easily falls out and gonna stain your shirt.

My favourite one is #4 Crazy Pink! The color is really pretty! Unfortunately, my hair color is reddish so the orange and red color doesn't really show off when I apply it onto my hair.
So, have you tried this hair tint? or do you prefer hair chalk? :)


  1. Hi, i got a hair color fixer from Tony Moly too~ It should be use before or after apply COLOR?
    But after fixer i didn't see any effect... colored my clothes too ><"

    1. You should use hair iron and then set it with hairspray :)