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Hi everyone! This time I want to share about makeup base. I choose Innisfree mineral makeup base among another korean brands. Innisfree is well known for their great makeup base. It depends on your skin type and the budget you have to buy it. Haha. So, I will start to introduce these makeup bases from Innisfree~


Origin: South Korea
Volume: 40ml
Texture: Creamy - Powdery


How to use: after regular skin care, apply a small amount onto skin and pat it gently for absorption

There are many ways to apply this makeup base,
1. Using your fingers to spread it all over your face
2. Using sponge, apply it onto 5 facial points and then use pat and press motion to spread it all
3. Using foundation / cream brush, dab it evenly all over your face


Innisfree mineral makeup base with SPF 30/PA ++ is a multi base with tone correction which is also a UV block base to protect your skin from UV light. It can be a primer before you apply foundation so that you can achieve a long lasting makeup. This makeup base also does a good job at controlling oil and moisture balance of your skin.

Innisfree mineral makeup base has 3 colors option:
1. Purple color - is suitable for dull skin, purple color helps to change sallow complexion into brighter and radiant skin look.
2. Green color - is suitable for reddish complexion, green color helps to disguise red marks into clear skin look
3. Peach color - is suitable for pale skin color, peach color helps to change pale complexion skin into natural and fresh skin look.


I like how it is easily blended on my skin and gives a bright effect on my face. It is not sticky and it has a good smell ( I really love the floral scent! ). For the packaging, it comes in tube which is really convenient to carry on while you are traveling. The price for this makeup base is also affordable. 
For me it is not necessary to always buy high-end products if I can get the same result from the cheaper ones! haha. So, what do you think?


  1. i would definitely like to try the green one! ^.^

    1. Yes, it is really good. It helps to disguise the red spots on your skin perfectly!

  2. hi, may I know where to purchase this makeup base?

  3. What is the name of the song playing in the background?