NEW YEAR 2014 !!!

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Hello! Happy new year everyone!
I've uploaded my first video in 2014 on my Youtube channel. If you are curious about it, please check it out!

In this post I wanted to talk a bit longer, hahaha
For new year, I got new hair cut. Yeah you might have noticed it if you followed my instagram.

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Actually I was really scared to cut my hair short. I've never been in short hair since I was in middle school, but I felt like I wanted to get new look so I decided to cut my hair "a little bit" short. kkkk
So in the end, I just cut my hair shoulder length :p

2013 was really special for me, it was full of happiness, love, and warm. I hope we have a wonderful year in 2014 as well!!

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  1. HEllo pretty, i've been to your youtube channel so that's how I knew your blogspot URL.
    Your videos are worth watching really especially for newbies like me, but share the items you used sometime or have an instruction what do you apply on your face. ;)

    You are pretty may it be too long or medium cut hair. And the boyfie is right, and he is kind .
    stay pretty and keep posting videos on youtube! ;)


    1. Hello ^^ sure I will keep improving my video. Thank you ^^