KAGAMINE RIN [鏡音リン ・レン] | Special Halloween Makeup

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Hello everyone!! It's not halloween yet but I uploaded this video earlier so that it could be your inspiration for your halloween makeup. Because I'm going to move to another place so I would be really busy for next couple weeks and I will not have time to make this tutorial for halloween. So that is it! hahaha~

This makeup is inspired by Kagamine Rin [ I know I said "Rin Kagamine" in the video LOL it's the same!]

If you are not familiar with these names, search it on Google and type "Vocaloid". There will be a lot of pictures of Vocaloid characters include Rin's twins named Len. LOL.
This is my first time doing this kind of makeup tutorial [cosplay makeup]. Well, I don't even have Rin's costume so it's not perfect but I hope this can be helpful for you!

HAIR : Kagamine Rin's Cosplay Wig

Aww~ I think I don't look really good with blue eyes. It looks so weird, isn't it? 
If you have any question, please leave comment below and I will try to reply it as soon as possible.

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  1. Wow! I think the makeup you created fits Rin really well! It's a lot better than many other cosplayers I've seen. :) I really like it a lot! I also think that the blonde wig actually suits you really nicely. :3
    Greetings, Elina

  2. Where do you bought that Cosplay wig? It look suit on you ^^~

  3. wow nice but may i ask what is the title of the song that you use in your make up tutorial miss fei

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