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Summer!!!! Yeah. Summer holiday is coming. What's your plan for this coming holiday? Please leave comment below to share some of your plans for this coming holiday. Teehee~

Well, I'm so sad to say this but I want to tell you that I decided to close my facebook for a while as there is something annoying on that page [ I couldn't tell you what it is .. sorry] kkkk~
Anyway, I've just finished my final exam. I was so exhausted and I even got big eyebags plus dark circles [are you interested how to get rid of them?]. That's the worst BUT I'm so relieved, finally I can say good bye to homeworks, projects, and assignments. Yeayyy!! ^________^

I just uploaded summer party inspired look for beginners on my YouTube channel. If you don't know much about makeup yet and you want to have a different fresh look for this summer, please check it out and I hope the tutorial can be helpful! You can watch it here

I'm still waiting for my commencement day though, wish me get a good mark! lol~ Enjoy your holiday everyone ^^

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