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How's the weather today? It's so hot! yeahh summer is really coming. I've been so lazy lately because I don't really like hot weather. I HATE SUN! it makes me sweat a lot, so I just keep staying at my room and doing nothing. LOL~

I love to do makeup but I don't really wear heavy makeup everyday. In fact, I used to apply only some bb cream and powder when I was going out especially when I only went to class. BUT do you know that sun exposure & cosmetics can damage your skin? UV light causes brown/ dark spots appear and your skin also can be darker as a reaction to cosmetics. I'm sure whatever your skin tone, you want it even and flawless. 

If you are too lazy to apply some foundation to cover some blemishes on your face, here you go! CC cream! CC cream stands for Color and Correct. It has a lot of benefits such as making a flawless complexion, reducing your pore size, whitening your skin, healing breakouts, controlling oil and correcting uneven skin tone. Such a long long explanation, huh?

So I have a CC cream from Etude House, since it is the most affordable one. It's available in 2 variants #1 Silky and #2 Glow. I purchased the #2 Glow one, since I like the dewy looks for summer. It claims to have 8 in 1 multi-function and contains SPF 30/PA++ that has 3 efficacies, whitening + anti wrinkle + sun protection.

Etude House CC cream comes with a tube that is a bit smaller and slimmer compares to Etude House BB cream tubes. Eventhough this CC cream only contains 35g, it is sold out like a super delicious sweet!

- Anti Aging . Stress Relief
- Hydration . Whitening
- Sun Protection . Tone-up
- Smooth Texture . Luminosity

How to use:
Apply it liberally and blend it evenly with your fingertips for natural sheer coverage
You can apply it alone or layered it under your favourite foundation/bb cream for more coverage

In my opinion, this CC cream is a step down lighter in terms of coverage. BB cream is much better to cover any blemishes on your skin. BUT this CC cream is enough to brighten your skin and it also gives some treatments and protections to your skin. It is light-weight enough compares to normal foundation and it feels like you are not wearing anything at all. 
If you want to have no-makeup look for your everyday activities e.g if your friend suddenly come to your house, you will still look good without applying any makeup LOL!
Eventhough I chose the #2 Glow one, it didn't come out as my expectation. The glow effect is not so visible on my face so I guess the #1 Silky one is more like velvet and matte look.

Please ignore my ugly bare face!
You can try it out if you are interested with this CC cream trend!!! teehee~ ( ≖‿≖)

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  1. you'r really cute >~<*
    I think I should buy a cc cream for summer too~ :3
    Thanks for your helpful post ^~^*

  2. In my country this cc cream cost $33 aigoo~ I have to save money... Anw, your tutorial are all daebak keep updating c;

    1. I have to save my money to buy some new cosmetics as well ! ^^ Thank you so much