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Today is a special day for someone who I knew from cyber world at the first time. As time goes by, I get to know her more and more and now we are just like the real siblings or sometimes we are just like twinnie. Her name is Kelly, she is just like my big sister, my family. 

She was born in the same month with me and her birthday is just one day before my birthday. We have a lot of similiar thoughts, same favored things and same feelings. I love her so much eventhough we live in different place. 

Today she is turning 25. I wish her a happy day and wonderful life. It feels amazing to have a big sister like her in my life. May Jesus bless her with happiness today, tomorrow and always! o(≧▽≦)o

It was so sad I couldn't celebrate her birthday, so I made this drawing for her. Hope she will like it. (Sorry big sis, the lines are really irregular (┛◉Д))

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  1. FEIII MY WONDERFUL SISTER!!! ♥♥♥ why you are so sweet :'( REALLY REALLY LOVE the picture!! I love fei so much too! T_T Thanks a lot for making this lovely stuff for me, so touched :(( We will celebrate our birthday together once we meet fei don't worry hehehe! ;)))

  2. I want to have sister Like u .. >.< but so sad in my Family i'm a only child !