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Hello everyone. Few days ago I purchased 2 products from 3CE. If you haven't known about this brand, you should go to STYLENANDA website and take a look. 3CE is a cosmetic brand from StyleNanda which is a popular fashion online shop from Korea [ They only have real shops in Korea at the moment ].

First product that I bought was 3CE Face Glow #Santorini [ Price: 22,000 Won ]

3CE Face Glow is available in 3 variant, #Monaco [ Pink Gold color ] creates a dull skin into a brightened skin, #Bondi Beach [ Pearlescent Beige Gold color ] creates a studio finish contoured face, #Santorini [ Ivory Gold Sheen color ] creates natural brightened skin. Since I love natural look, that's why I chose to buy #Santorini.


It comes with black color packaging in the outside and magenta pink in the inside. Honestly, I was a bit shocked about how small it is compares to Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer which is a bit bigger.

How to use:
- Apply it onto the certain features of your face after applying foundation
- Mix it with foundation and then apply it all over your face

I think this 3CE Face Glow has similar effects as Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer, but this product is a bit better in my opinion since it is not too sticky. I haven't tried it yet onto my face so I couldn't tell it is good for sensitive skin or not. I will post about it next time ( ≖‿≖

You can see the different from the picture above, between bare skin and after I applied 3CE Face Glow. I like how it creates glow effect and brighten up my skin, but it doesn't smell anything (-) [ I love something that smells sweet~ ] 

and then second product that I bought was 3CE Lip Pigment #Wild Yellow [ Price: 12,000 Won ]

You must be wondering why I chose Yellow color. Actually I also wanted to buy the pink one, but it was sold out. As you know, this lip pigment is VERY POPULAR and it is always sold out like a $2 super delicious sweet.

So AGAIN, I was so shocked with it's size. IT IS SO SMALL and doesn't smell good (┛◉Д)
The picture above is how the color turns out when I applied it onto my skin.

How to use:
- Apply it onto your lips using a lip brush
- Mix it with another color Lip Pigment/Lipstick to create new color
- You can also use it for eyeliner, apply onto your eyelid to get a vivid retro look

I haven't tried it yet, but I think I will make a makeup tutorial using these products soon!

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  1. Ohhh, your blog is super cute!!! I love 3 Concept Eyes a lot too. Want to join my blog? [Ami's Magic Box] amismagicbox.blogspot.com

  2. how did it go for sensitive skin? :_ it has a lot of paraben, so I was wondering if it broke you out. also I love your blog and make up preferences : )

    1. I don't recommend you to use this product if you have sensitive skin :)

  3. after apply face glow, can i still put on loose powder? will the powder cover of make the glow disappear?