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Good morning everyone!! haha (I wrote this in the early morning before went to my class). The weather in my place has been so strange nowadays and it made a gloomy feeling around me hmm..
Anyway I've noticed that a lot of people now have been interested in korean make-up and also UHLJJANG makeup
I found this tutorial on one of some korean blogs and I thought this would be helpful for you guys who really want to look like uhljjang but has minor experience in make-up ^^ enjoy!

[this is not my own photo]

This is one is make-up for students ^^ natural make-up that will make you look good even while wearing school uniform~ unfortunately some schools in Asia have some strict regulations about student's appearance, hair and make-up

[this is not my own photo]

The product that is mostly used is Etude House Bling-bling eye stick. I got this product long time ago and I lost it somewhere last year and I didn't think to purchase it again (=_=")
Somehow now I feel like want to have this product again lol~

I really want to keep updating my blog but assignments are always waiting for me, I'm so sorry for that.
Well, see you ~

with ❤,

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  1. 辛苦了 ~ 凌晨寫文章...
    我雖然是男生 不會化妝 不過我之前喜歡在紙上畫眼睛!!
    看到你的眼妝 讓我突然又想畫眼睛了 xD

    我也是念室內設計 很久沒有繪畫了......
    都是在畫 平面圖 / 剖面圖 / 3D圖 ...等等

    我很好奇 國外的室內設計課 是怎麼樣的教學 ?