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에뛰드 하우스 에튀아네뜨 브러쉬 컬렉션

This time I'm going to make review of Etude House-Princess Etoinette products. These products are my favorite at the moment. Since they really made special design for the products, start from the packaging, color, concept and Etude's logo itself.
Actually I've made a review video of these products on my channel, but I still want to post this review on my blog since my english is not really good hahaha~

All your romantic princess dreams will come true. Girls, be the Princess!
from Etoinette...

I didn't buy all the products of Princess Etoinette Collection because they are so expensive, so I just bought some and here is the list of the products:
- Etoinette Brush Collection
- Etoinette Rose Brush
- Etoinette Crystal Powder
- Etoinette Floating Shiny Tear Liner Set
- Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips



This Brush Collection come with pink pastel lace pouch and a ribbon on it, inside the pouch you can see 3 kind of brushes that is made out of goat hair (wow~)

(Image right to left)
1. Lip Gradation Tip 립 그라데이션 팁
2. Soft Touch Powder Brush 소프트 터치 파우더 브러쉬 
3. Last Touch Fan Brush 라스트 터치 펜 브러쉬

the bristle is so soft and it's not easy to fall off

LOVE it!! that's what I can say about the design of these brushes, they come with pale pink color with combination bronze color, two shades graduation color for the bristle and the round shape of the stick makes it comfortable while being used for applying make-up

it comes with lovely lace pouch, it's so convenient to bring the brushes everywhere

there are only 3 brushes and it doesn't include a brush for applying eye make-up
a bit pricey


the bristle is so so so soft 

UNIQUE!! they made the brush looks like a rose from above, it's really cute and I've never seen a brush which is looks like this before

for translucent finishing powder
for blusher
similar like kabuki brush

it has a unique design and sweet color

a bit pricey
limited edition


It's really cute, the design of this product reminded me about princess stuff in Victorian Era
It's also really good as embellishment on your vanity 

the puff comes with sweet pink lace and small ribbon on it 

It's so powdery, soft, pink-ish, and a bit glittery. But eventhough it has glitter on it, once you apply it onto your face, the glitter becomes invisible and it smells good.

Talc, Mica, Silica, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Mgnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Dipropylene Glycol, Boron Nitride, Dimenthicone, Triethoxycapryly-Isilane, Methicone, Hydrogen Dimethicone, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol, Fragrance, Cl 15850:1, Cl 77491

10 g

Perfect for finishing powder for such party event and any occasions
Make your skin smooth and bright
Glowing effect
Cute packaging

It's expensive and It doesn't good for daily make-up


Simple but it has a long handle-stick. It comes with 2 kind of eyeliner sets. 1 vivid color eyeliner and 1 Glittery eyeliner.
#1 Black & Pearly White
#2 Brown & Silvery Bronze (in the picture)

Soft and not too thin

4.5g + 3.5g

It's perfect for upper lid and under lid
It's waterproof and It's not easy to fade off

the size is too small, for you who like to use liquid liner you will definitely run out of this eyeliner just in time

( This is how it looks like)


(This is how it looks like)

It is still with princess design, the packaging is made from good quality plastic with matte pastel pink and bronze color and it has Etude's logo carved on the lipstick

It comes with 9 colors system
Hot color #PPK002 이슬 머금은 꽃잎 키스 ( in the picture)

3.4 g

Cute packaging and it delivers a surge of moisture because it has creamy texture and a soft shimmering onto your lips
Affordable cheap

Limited edition

That's it for the review~ if you have any question please comment below ^_^ see you~

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  2. Can you tell me the price of the products that you buy Please..?

    1. different country has different price. I forgot about the detail but most of them above $12/product

  3. I love the entire collection~! I was supposed to get the brush set but then I realized that it's too expensive. HUHU but it's soooo adorable ^_____^
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