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Cam-whoring!! yuhuuu~(≧▽≦)

Hello everyone! I want to share some about my daily life story. You've been knowing that I'm in my final year so I have so many things to do. Because I'm majoring in Interior design, so my final project is a bit different from another major and after 6 months kept thinking about what will I do for it, as I love fashion and makeup then I decided to re-design Jill Stuart's store. Yeah, Jill Stuart really makes me fall head over heels with it.

source: www.chicprofile.com

Jill Stuart has a great yet simple design for her clothing-line and a lovely-princess style for her cosmetic products. At first, I knew about this brand when I visited Hong Kong for my winter holiday. I came to Jill Stuart Flagship store in Causewaybay. The pinky store caught my eyes at the first sight. I immediately came in to the store and looked around to know about their products. Well, my first impression was "expensive brand" but their lovely packaging is really GREAT!! (≤)
If you live near Hong Kong, you must visit this store. Especially for you who really loves pink color and princess-style stuffs. I heard they also have their Flagship store in Seoul, South Korea. I really want to visit there someday as I saw in their website, Jill Stuart has a simple modern style for their store in Seoul, it's the opposite style with their store in New York which has a simple classic style.

The most wonderful thing that I found about this brand is their special cafe! (┛◉Д)┛彡
You might never hear about it before, I also knew about Jill Stuart cafe after I compiled some information for my research project. They have many kind of delicious cakes and desserts. If you have plan to come to Japan, don't forget to visit this cafe. They also sell some products and souvenirs like cute apron, plastic bags, umbrellas, cups etc. Unfortunately, they only have it in Japan. Well, this brand is quite popular among young girls in Japan than in America. Here are some pictures that I got from some other website and blogs. Oh I wish I could take the pictures by myself ( ...when will I get a chance to visit Japan???? ㅠㅠ )

source: www.yesstyle.com/blog/2010-08-17/jill-stuart-cafe-osaka

source: www.yesstyle.com/blog/2010-08-17/jill-stuart-cafe-osaka

That's really a complicated project, since it's really hard enough to figure out the brand image of Jill Stuart itself. Jill Stuart has different style for her clothing-line and cosmetic products. Still, I hope I can finish this final project on time and get a good result for my graduation. Please pray for me guys~ (≧▽≦)

That's it for my post this time~ I'll see you in my next post!! Bye~ (◕‿◕。)/"

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