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Hello everyone!! Long time no see~ hahaha.
Yeah, I've been very very very busy lately due to final exams. For this semester I needed to design a museum. That was so crazy! I thought I would die because of it. LOL. Thanks God I could make it on time~

Oh! I just want to tell you that I'm very happy because my YouTube Channel reached 800++ subscribers. I love you all!! Thank you so much for always supporting me and I think I will make something special once it reaches 1000, hmm.. any idea?? You can give me some ideas through my Official Page.
I don't have other accounts on Facebook, so if you want to ask me something please feel free to leave comment on my Official Page and I'll be waiting for it.

Last week my Mom bought me some products from Etude House Limited Edition - Princess Etoinette and I will make a review of those products soon!!!! Really this line of Etude House is really cute and I fell in love at the first time I saw the teaser banner on Etude House website.

Well, I'll be coming back soon with new review and tutorial video.. See you~

With ❤,


  1. Can you do an Ulzzang inspired make-up?

    1. Oh I did 2 tutorials about it already ^_^ please check it out