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Hello everyone!! Now I'm going to show you Hyuna's makeup in her newest MV "ICE CREAM". This MV is SUPER GOOD! I like Ice cream haha.. No!! I like this MV because besides the song is really catchy and easy-listening, Hyuna looks really pretty there. I like Hyuna with her front bangs just like her previous MV "Change".
Well, it's been a while since I did K-pop inspired makeup tutorial, as always I'm super busy with school!! Oh, I think I need holiday~
If you want to watch the tutorial video, go to my YouTube channel here

Okay~ Let's get started!!


1. Apply light blue color eyeshadow all over your lids as the base eyeshadow.
2. Take 2 shades darker of blue eyeshadow and then apply it onto the crease and bring the color slightly downwards to the lower lashline.
3. Apply white eyeshadow onto the inner area between nose and your eye.
4. Line your eye with cream liner and make a little wing on the outside.
5. Using white liner and apply it onto the inner corner of your eye near the tear duct.
6. Apply the false lashes and then curl it with mascara and you'r done!

It's really simple, right??
I hope this tutorial can be useful for you ^_^
I'm sorry with the bad image quality, because I left my camera at home and now I'm staying at the dorm~ Once I have chance to buy a better camera, I will make a good quality video and picture!!
So please wait for it and I would be happy with any comments from you! Please support this blog so I will keep writing~ Thank you ❤

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