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October~ What do you think about this month?? Your birthday or Halloween?
Personally I don't celebrate any party for Halloween. I don't like scary things and I think that celebrate Halloween is kind of calling the "spirit". Brrr.. I don't want to keep awake in the mid-night because of that!! But I think most of you would like to go to enjoy the party with people around you.
In this tutorial I used dark color eyeshadow for making my face looks like vampire ( I don't think it looks like vampire LOL~), honesty I don't like "dramatic" makeup. I used to put simple makeup on my face. Hahaha..

Well, if you are interested with this look, you can follow this tutorial, Let's start!!

Before you applying the eyeshadow, it's better to put eye primer first so that the eyeshadow will stay for hours when you enjoy your party.


1. Apply copper eyeshadow and then spread it out all over your lid.
2. Take dark brown eyeshadow and then apply it onto the outside corner of your eyes and bring it up to crease. Apply a little onto the inside corner of your eyes near the tear duct.
3. Tight line your eye with liquid liner. Remember let it dry before you open your eyes!
4. Smoothen the line with cream/gel liner and then make a wing and bring it a little downward to the outer corner of lower lash line.
5. Lining your lower lashline with brown pencil liner.
6. Make "pale" eyes by applying some purple eyeshadow under your lower lashline.
7. Put silver/white eyeshadow onto the area between the eye and the nose.
8. Apply the falselashes.

I wish this makeup looked like vampire princess, but seems like I failed to make it. Hahaha.. But still I hope this makeup can be useful for you.
If you want to watch the tutorial you can go to my YouTube channel here

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  1. to be honest,yes you are very pretty; you look like all other ulzzangs which most are known to get plastic surgery..i am assuming you gotten plastic surgery....

    1. No, I never get any plastic surgery :)

  2. Holy hell! How comes you are so pretty!!!! *^* I love every picture you take and hope you will do some more in the future >///<