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Hello everyone!
Yeayy!! New tutorial for this month is coming!! Because it's autumn, so I feel like want to show some sweet little things. I've been so stressed with my assignments lately, school is really like hell when it comes with research paper, projects, and journals. Do you think so?

I've ordered some new brushes from Sigma and I'm waiting for the package. I'm really excited to make another tutorial using those brushes. Hahahaha.

Well, back to the point~ this tutorial is my favourite because it uses pink color. I don't make it looks like glamour or party eye makeup, this makeup is really simple and it's really good for you who want to look more girly for weekend.

Let's start!


1. Apply the concealer to cover the dark area around your eyes, for you who don't have panda eyes then just skip this step.
2, Apply light peach eyeshadow all over your lids.
3. Take your pink eyeshadow, apply it focus in the middle of your lids and then bring it up to the crease, for you who have monolid eyes don't forget to apply some more eyeshadow on the upper area.
4. Apply beige shimmer eyeshadow and blend it all evenly.
5. Draw the eyeliner a bit thicker and make a little wing at the outer corner.
6. Use pencil liner to draw the line on your lower lashline.
7. Apply the falselashes.
8. You're done!!!

if you want to watch the tutorial video, you can go to my YouTube channel here !

You can wear pink clothes and wear a hair band or a bow to make the girly style, I personally really like pink color since I was young. In this tutorial I used my favourite pink eyeshadow from Etude House and new stick concealer from Holika-Holika. 

It's my first time using stick concealer and it is really GOOD! I totally like this stick concealer, it's really smooth and cover my skin perfectly. LOVE IT 100%. You can see the products on my video. So, what about you?? heehee~

with ❤,