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Hello everyone!!! T-ara has released their new mv few days ago and when I watched it, I was like " wow!! Soyeon!! Jiyeon!!". Hahaha

I watched the mv in the middle of the night and I spent the whole night to repeat and repeat it again. Am I the only one who look like idiot about it? hmm.. what about you?
I really like both of them. But now, I'm going to show you Jiyeon's eye makeup first. I will make Soyeon's eye makeup later on (If I have enough free time -_- )

In this video, I didn't have the same false lashes as jiyeon's wear for her lower lashes, so maybe it's a bit different.. sorry >_<
if you want to watch the tutorial, you can go to my channel here

I've tried my best to make my eyes look like Jiyeon's eyes, eventhough my eyes are not suitable for this kind of eye makeup in my opinion. So, let's get started!!


1. Apply light color eyeshadow all over your lid
2. Take gold color eyeshadow apply it focus on the inner corner of your eyelid extended out to the middle and blend it out evenly
3. Apply red color eyeshadow onto your lower waterline , if you like dramatic eyes you can choose dark red eyeshadow with glitter on it
4. Take black color eyeshadow and then make a long wing that is longer than your eyebrow and then blend it so that the color makes a gradation
5. Put glittery gold eyeshadow onto the middle of your lid
6. Apply false lashes

and you're done! I've made the steps simple do that you can follow it!

most of my makeup using Etude House product, because I have sensitive skin. I'm kinda afraid to try new brand, eventhough it is high-end product. So, once I found products that is suitable for my skin, I will use the products until the manufacture discontinue it hahaha~

don't forget to use a good eye primer if you don't want the black eyeshadow smudges away and then makes your eyes look like panda eyes ^^

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  1. I watched your video to this! It's really helpful even if your camera quality is not like full HD it's still very easy to follow your steps !*-*

    1. I would like to make my video in HD quality with a good lighting, but I stay in the dorm and my room is so small so that I can't really make it happens >_<