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Summer.. Summer !

Hello everyone! How's your summer? Is it very hot? It's very hot here and I'm about melting.. It's been long looooong time since I post something on my blog, I feel so sorry. Actually I really wanted to update my blog but assignments always came to me and made me had no time to do anything else

Tropical color is really perfect for summer makeup! Today I was trying to wear green color eyeshadow! I usually don't like this color. In my opinion, it's not sweet at all. But, after I finished applying my makeup on my face, I changed my mind. That green color sometimes can be cute too. For you girls, you must want to look pretty during your summer holiday!? So let's follow this GO GREEN-SUMMER MAKEUP


1. Apply the concealer onto your lid and beneath your eyes. It will cover the dark area around your eyes and will make your eyes brighter.
2. Take cream/ beige eyeshadow as base eyeshadow, apply it all over your eye lid.
3. Starting apply the first color, choose light green eyeshadow and then apply it all over your eyelid.
4. Using small brush to apply blue green eyeshadow onto the outside corner of your eyes and bring it downwards to the lower lashline.
5. Apply the eyeliner with liquid liner or cream liner, don't use pencil liner. Because it's summer makeup and it must be waterproof and most of pencil liner is easier to smudge away.
6. Take glittery gold eyeshadow and then gently dab it onto your eyelid and onto your inner tear duct. It will make your eyes looks shiny under the sunshine!

And the last step, apply on your mascara. Choose the waterproof mascara, moreover if you have plan to play with water during your summer. It won't make you looks like zombie and get panda eyes.


1. Maybelline Concealer
2. SASA eyeshadow palette
3. Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner
4. Etude House Look at my Eyes Jewel BE101
5. Etude House Lash Perm Proof mascara

If you have any question just leave comment below and you can watch the tutorial on my YouTube channel. Happy summer holiday!!

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