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Hello everyone~ (づ。‿‿◕。)づ  I'm back with my K-pop makeup tutorial. This time I am going to show you Park Bom makeup in 2NE1 newest single mv "I LOVE YOU" . Have you heard the song yet? if you haven't, then go to hear it. I'm totally sure you will like it. Honestly, I'm addicted to this song. Awee.. is it bad?

I made this tutorial when I caught a super bad cold. I was really sick at that time. You can see my ugly face with weird song in the tutorial video on my YouTube

Since Park Bom is my bias in 2NE1, I decided to make her makeup tutorial. She has a unique eyes, with her double eyelids ( eventhough she got it from plastic surgery ... ).
I made this following my eye's shape as well, because I got double eyelids so maybe it's a bit different when you apply it to monolids eye. So if you want to try her eye makeup, just follow some steps below!! let's start~


1. Apply your favourite eye primer and spread it all over your lid by your finger
2. Take light color eyeshadow, in this tutorial I was using verve form my urban decay naked2 palette, this color is really good to enhance your eyes
3. Take dark brown eyeshadow, applying it onto the outer corner of your eyes and then bringing it up
to the crease
4. Using blue green eyeshadow, applying it onto your lower part of your eyes,
applying it until make a shape like in the picture
5. With dark grey eyeshadow, apply it in the middle of your lower lash line then blend it
with the blue green eyeshadow
6. Apply the eyeliner and then with black color eyeshadow, dab it onto the line
to smoothen the eyeliner
7. Take gold glittery eyeshadow, put it inside of the bottom rim of your eye.
8. Apply the falselashes and you're done!!


1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
2. Urban Decay Naked2 Palette
3. SASA eyeshadow palette
4. Etude House proof 10 liquid liner
5. Revlon eyeshadow palette
6. Etude House Look at my eyes jewel
7. Falselashes

You can see the entire makeup on my YouTube channel !! 

Well, hope this tutorial is useful for you.. thank you for reading and if you have any questions
just leave comment below or comment on my YouTube, then I will reply you as soon as possible

with ❤,