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LOVE is a short and simple word but it has a deep meaning that sometimes we cannot explain it even in 1000 other words.

This time I want to share my point of view about love.
❤ I am not a cheerful girl, I am not a super friendly person who is easy going and has a lot of friends. Sometimes I like to spend my time alone, but... once I love someone, I can do everything for him. It may sounds crazy, idiot, abnormal, stupid and whatsoever.. I don't care though because I just do what my heart wants to do.

I think when we fall in love, our brain and our heart will not walk on the same way. It's not like Love is blind, the fact is we see, we feel, we realize but what we do is not what our brain chooses to do, we will do what our heart dreams to do instead.
When you still think about your own sake, when you still can choose what you want to do about someone, it doesn't mean you love that person, YOU JUST LIKE him/her.

Love without effort is NOTHING.
When you are afraid to lose something then you will not ever get the precious thing that you want. Many peoples think have a boyfriend/girlfriend is something like you have "thing" that be able to hangingout together, "thing" that you can touch, hug and kiss, "thing" that you can be proud of..
that's the big mistake in your life if you have thoughts like that. That's why many peoples cannot stand in relationship without physical contact and long distance. A boyfriend/girlfriend is someone who is your "precious beloved" one. Just like we treat our treasure, we won't let it lost, we won't let other peoples take it from us, we will keep it with us no matter what.

Relationship is something that is growing by time, strengthened by loyalty, and developed with trust

When you love someone, prove your love! your sweet words won't give something special in your relationship, we can see lots of sweet words from internet, poems collections and etc. but we cannot see what true love do from it.

Fight for your love, it is not an embarrasing thing, no matter you are girl or boy, you have love you have courage to do

There is no FREE good stuff in the world as well as in Love.


  1. awe... we are almost the same, except i'm a boy. But sad to say that there are people who dont understand what love is... I never been in relationship since birth. I remember that time when I was inlove with someone. I already proved it a 100 times that I love her, Waited her almost 2 years. But.......... you know.... It was just like.... a nuclear missle exploded on my face........ Well, past is past, and I think I already found a new one :D, that's you(Kidding!) We know it's impossible lol. But you always make me smile :). I hope we can be friends! :)
    Just like facebook, I sent a friend request to you and waiting for confirmation. :)

  2. You remind me of a friend of mine years ago when all of us use that friendster.
    She's called fei (yeah, same as you)
    And she likes winter, christmas, and snow, just like me
    She's like an older sister to me
    But after we all moved to facebook, twitter, etc. She's gone too *sob
    I dunno why but you really remind me of her, by your look and name

  3. Love represents our deepest need in our gene that's why it's not controlled by our brain but by our glands..

    The biggest challenge of most livings is to reproduce but for human reproduce is number two, the biggest challenge for you and me is to survive. We survive because we are in a society, we survive because of the thousands of partnerships existing in our world

    Love is a gift from god/our gene. It enables us to show our fondness to others, our care to others and our intimacy to others which combining together formed the word "Loyalty"...

    Just my humble view to share =)