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Today is a really good day! I like monday because it is my day off of lecture which really makes me feel almost die everyday.ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ Well, Is there any of you who wanna be sweet?? I'm sure every girls wanna be sweet. (●´∀`●)  Yeah this time I wanna share a make up tutorial which can help you to make it real.

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This make up is not like dramatic make up, it is more like simple make up, so that you can wear this make up everyday without people looking at you . LMAO(-^〇^-)
I wore false lashes from Etude House. They have many kind of false lashes, and this BROWNY is one of my favourite. It is really soft, natural and easy to apply.
It won't make your eyes look like bird eyes
and the most important is 
it is not heavy at all!!
so it's totally comfortable even you wear it full day

if you are interested with this false lashes you can buy it from Etude House's official website
please click this link below

Is it good? Will I buy it again next time? Share your opinion guys, please leave comment below
and I will reply you as soon as possible
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