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Hello!!! (-^〇^-)This time I wanna make a review about my Etude House's lip stick & lip tint products. I am sure you guys have known about this brand. Yep!! this is one of Korean cosmetics brands that is very-very-very famous now and I LOVE❤this brand so much
Most of my makeup collections is from Etude House and my first purchase was a compact powder when I was in Junior high school (actually my mom who bought for me , she is the one who always asks me to wear some makeup). You won't believe that before I didn't like to wear any makeup on my face and I didn't have any interest about style and fashion
But now... I am addicted to those things and I don't know why lol~ 

1. Etude House - VIP Girl Dear Darling Lips PK-008
    This lip stick is in matte color and It is very suitable for dolly looks make-up 
    Such a sweet pink color!!!❤

This is the picture when I put it on my lips 

❖ It is affordable cheap
❖ Have sweet colors
❖ Long-lasting
❖ Super cute pink packaging

2. Etude House - Aloha Dear Darling Tint #04 - Real Orange 
    This lip tint have 2 colors but I like the real orange one , it is so lovely and looks fresh!
    For you guys who live in hot area , this color is really suitable for you and it feels watery when you
    put it on your lips
    ahh!! Sandara is so pretty in this picture (*´∀`*) 

This is the picture when I put it on my lips

❖ It is affordable cheap
❖ It is not sticky
❖ Make your lips feels fresh
❖ Good orange color

DISLIKE : ❖ It is not lasting longer

3. Etude House - 55 Kissful Tint Chou #04
    mumumuaachhh!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ that's what you feel when you wear this lip tint.  WHY?
    it has 4 colors and a sweet aroma , smells like candy + flowers and
    it has natural color that will make your lips looks natural juicy(○゜ε^○) and mine is #04 orange pinky
    I wear it everyday 

This is the picture when I put it on my lips

❖ It is very cheap for a lip tint
❖ Has a sweet aroma
❖ Has natural lips colors
❖ Glossy
❖ It is not sticky

DISLIKE : ❖ It is not lasting longer

Thanks for reading my review(。・ω・。)ノ♡ and I'm sorry for the bad quality images .. Next time I will try to make better pictures .. hehehe

with ❤,