Hi everyone! the weather has been really hot recently, and I was really busy traveling from one place to another place. Today I will make review of Sigma Make Me Classy Travel Brush Kit. Sigma sent me this holy grail for traveler. Awww~ I am so happy and want to share it with you as soon as possible.

What's so nice about it? 
- It comes in small travel size
- The container is also in small size and it can protect the brushes and keep you organised on the go while you are traveling
- The kit contains 7 brushes from Sigma's best selling Essential Kit
- Affordable price = $75
- No shedding, every brush is in perfect shape even after few times washed
- The bristle is super SOFT! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

(E65 - E30 - E55 - E40 - F60 - F40 - F30)

4 brushes for eye makeup
E65 - Small Angle: This brush is used to create a precise lining. It helps a lot when you use cream, gel and powder liners and you can easily line it across the upper and lower lash lines. 
E30 - Pencil: You can use this to smoke out lines or soften any lines along the top and bottom lash lines, also can be used for applying eyeshadow at the inner corner of eyes.
E55 - Eye Shading: This one can help you to apply the eyeshadow evenly.
E40 - Tapered Blending: Use this brush for soft blended crease. Use it with sweep back and forth motion through the crease for a diffused and blended finish.

3 brushes for face makeup
F60 - Foundation: You can use this brush for applying foundation and any liquid products such as cream blusher. The brush is really soft and it can help you to apply the foundation evenly.
F40 - Large Angled Contour:  This brush is used for any powder application, usually I use it to create a subtle shade on my cheek. You can use it to softly contour the cheekbone and also can be used for blusher.
F30 - Large Powder: This one is for applying powder onto your face and your body.

The container is functional which can be turned into 2 brushes holder 

 Sigma make me classy travel kit VS Sigma make me classy essential kit

You can see the size difference of both Sigma make me classy products. I personally really like Sigma brushes, even before they sent me this travel kit one, I already purchased two Sigma make me classy essential kits. Hahaha. Sigma has good quality brushes and the price is affordable! This is definitely my holy grail as a makeup artist and even for my personal use.

If you are interested with this brush, you can visit their store ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Click here to visit Sigma Beauty



Today I am going to make a review of japanese popular curling iron TSUYAGLA. 

TSUYAGLA is produced by KUMICKY. You must be know about her, yeah.. she is a japanese gyaru popteen magazine model. This brand is really popular among japanese and korean. 
They have many types of hair tools but I will make a review of TSUYAGLA WAVE. It is available in 2 size, 26mm and 32 mm

credit: Google

Beach wave hair style is also popular with name "mermaid wave hair". In korea it is similar with 물결웨이브 (MoolGyul wave). So, basically you can find this kind of hair style in both Gyaru and Ulzzang Style. 

credit: Google

credit: Google

credit: Google

credit: Google 
(Yoona's popular moolgyul wave hairstyle)

I bought 32mm one, since I don't like to have small deep curly hair. Well, besides this iron helps me to make beach wave hairstyle easier, it has a cute shape and it's PINK! ああ!かわいいね!haha

How to :
1. Brush your hair to remove any tangles
2. Separate your hair into sections using clips
3. Separate a fine section of hair
4. Using 3 barrel curling iron, clam it down through your hair
5. Start around one inch away from the the roots move downwards to the end of the hair

Hold it  4 to 6 seconds for a nice curl!

The box is pretty cute with kumicky everywhere! 

The cable is long enough and it can be turned 360˚

Be careful with the fake one!

The plate is made from double ceramic aluminium so it is really safe for your hair

The heat range is from 120 to 200

You can also adjust the temperature, for dry hair I recommend you to use low temperature and this iron has automatically turn-off system when you don't use it around 20 minutes

The power plug is for socket type in Japan, so you probably need an adapter

The price is normal, not too expensive but it's not cheap as well, but I totally like this hair tools. It is really convenient especially when you don't really have long time to do your hair manually. When I tried it at the first time, I put some soft wax onto my hair and the curl could last for 5 hours. If you want to have one day curl, I suggest you to set it with hairspray after you are done with the curl.

So, what do you think about this curling iron? If you want to know how to use it you can visit my youtube channel here !



IT'S SO CUTE!! the first thing in my mind when I saw the picture of NC.A newest album. Her makeup looks natural yet fresh and innocent. If you haven't watched my tutorial yet, you can watch it here !

Products used:
- Etude House Zero Second Mineral Serum
- Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream Bright Fit #NO2
- Holika Holika Cover and Hiding Stick Concealer #01
- Holika Holika Strawberry Pore Cover BB Pact
- Urban Decay NAKED3 Palette
- Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner #BK802
- Canmake Nuance Eyeliner #02 Brown
- Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eye Pencil #PK204
- Etude House Lash Perm 3Step Volumecara
- Kate Designing Eyebrow Kit EX-4
- K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h 1 day tattoo SB101
- Etude House Aloha V-line Slim Maker #01
- Nature Republic Apple dome blusher #Pink Apple
- Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk #PK002

Want to know my foundation brush in this tutorial?
- Sigma Round Kabuki Brush F82 $21.00

For other brushes
- Sigma Travel Kit - Make Me Classy $75.00

If you have any question about this makeup, please leave comment down below!


So I am going to post the detail products which I used in SNAPBACK HAT MAKEUP TUTORIAL video. If you haven't watched it yet, you can watch it here !

This look is boyish and casual. When you wear a hat or cap, it looks better if you makes your eyes look define and sharp so that it can be center of attraction instead of your hat. 

Products used:
- Etude House Collagen Moistfull Water Filler
- Holika Holika Face 2 Change Moist Cushion BB #01 Light Beige
- Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer
- Holika Holika Strawberry Pore Cover BB Pact
- Urban Decay Primer Potion #Original
- Etude House Look at My Eyes #YL02 Lemon Sherbet
- Etude House Look at My Eyes Jewel #BE101 Gold Spangle High Heel
- Etude House Look at My Eyes Jewel #BL603 Dark Blue Topaz
- Etude House Play Color Eyes #2 So Chic Play - Clutch Brown
- Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner #BK802
- Etude House Dear Girls Vitcara Long & Curl
- Skinfood Seaweed Eyebrow Tint #02 Fashion Brow
- Innisfree Multipen Highlighter
- 3CE Magic Touch Face Marker #pink
- Nature Republic Apple Dome Blusher #Pink Apple
- Etude House Vivid Pop Stick #02
- Banila Co. Floral Waltz Color Change Tint #Poppy Rose

If you want to know where I bought the snapback hat, you can read my previous post down below! keep scrolling until you find it lol~


This is a bit late, I am so sorry for it but I want to give a little bit detail about HAIR TINT. This hair colouring products has been really popular in Korea recently. There are many brands in the market but I chose to buy some from Tony Moly ( it is cheaper.. I guess.. lol).

So what is HAIR TINT? It is temporary hair colouring products, it is similar with hair chalk.
The texture is powdery so it comes off easily but if you set it with wax or hairspray it can stay longer. You can also mix it to get the color that you want. 
HOW TO REMOVE IT? Just wash your hair with shampoo! EASY!

Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Tint is available in 6 colours
1. Fashion Red
2. Ultra Green
3. Neon Blue
4. Crazy Pink
5. Chic Purple
6. Tangerine Tonic

credit: w2beauty.com

I bought 4 of them and I tried it on my hair. The result is pretty good, the color turns out really bright and visible. But make sure you wear gloves and black shirt because when you apply it onto your hair, the powder easily falls out and gonna stain your shirt.

My favourite one is #4 Crazy Pink! The color is really pretty! Unfortunately, my hair color is reddish so the orange and red color doesn't really show off when I apply it onto my hair.
So, have you tried this hair tint? or do you prefer hair chalk? :)



Hi~ spring is coming!!! I want summer come quick though.. haha~

I think it's the time for spring break, hmm.. I just came back home and got a gift from my mom. She really knows what I want.. 

sounds "over", right? but this is my first time having real sunglasses (-__-) I bought some before, but I never wore it and now I don't know where are they.. I lost them..
so, It's been a LONG LONG LONG time..

This is not the newest style from swarovski, but I really like it. Especially the unique triangle pattern on the edges of it (>___<)
I haven't taken any photo wearing this sunglasses.. too scared to see my face .. hahahaaaa.. :D
I will post a photo soon on my instagram later.. lol..



Hi lovelies~ I am going to show you the products which I used in the tutorial on my youtube.
As you know this makeup's signature red lips kinda like 60's makeup style but they made it looks really modern and chic.

 This is the detail makeup (^_^)/ I can't really see the exact colour of the eyeshadow because they used lighting effect in the video

Products used:
- Etude house surprise concealer kit #2 spot cover
- Tony Moly face mix oil control powder
- Etude house play color eyes palette #2
- Etude house drawing show black cream liner #BK802
- Majolica majorca lash gorgeous wing BK999
- Sigma eyebrow powder #Scarlett
- 3CE magic touch face maker #Pink
- Etude House vivid pop stick #8
- Sigma brushes
- Etude house brushes
- Eyemazing falselashes

I used brown shades eyeshadow to make a depth effect for the eyes and black cream liner to rim my eyes. I made the eyeliner a little bit soft at the end. For the lips, if you like to have sexy lips, you can apply the lipstick out of your real lips' line.

If you are interested to know the detail tutorial of this makeup, you can watch it on my youtube channel! So, that's it for this post.. see you!



Hi everyone! This time I want to share about makeup base. I choose Innisfree mineral makeup base among another korean brands. Innisfree is well known for their great makeup base. It depends on your skin type and the budget you have to buy it. Haha. So, I will start to introduce these makeup bases from Innisfree~


Origin: South Korea
Volume: 40ml
Texture: Creamy - Powdery


How to use: after regular skin care, apply a small amount onto skin and pat it gently for absorption

There are many ways to apply this makeup base,
1. Using your fingers to spread it all over your face
2. Using sponge, apply it onto 5 facial points and then use pat and press motion to spread it all
3. Using foundation / cream brush, dab it evenly all over your face


Innisfree mineral makeup base with SPF 30/PA ++ is a multi base with tone correction which is also a UV block base to protect your skin from UV light. It can be a primer before you apply foundation so that you can achieve a long lasting makeup. This makeup base also does a good job at controlling oil and moisture balance of your skin.

Innisfree mineral makeup base has 3 colors option:
1. Purple color - is suitable for dull skin, purple color helps to change sallow complexion into brighter and radiant skin look.
2. Green color - is suitable for reddish complexion, green color helps to disguise red marks into clear skin look
3. Peach color - is suitable for pale skin color, peach color helps to change pale complexion skin into natural and fresh skin look.


I like how it is easily blended on my skin and gives a bright effect on my face. It is not sticky and it has a good smell ( I really love the floral scent! ). For the packaging, it comes in tube which is really convenient to carry on while you are traveling. The price for this makeup base is also affordable. 
For me it is not necessary to always buy high-end products if I can get the same result from the cheaper ones! haha. So, what do you think?



Hi everyone! 
For you who has followed my instagram must know this picture from last month.

I have been searching this cap for 6 month and finally I got it at Avenue 1218

It is a korean clothing store which is similar like StyleNanda. Before I came to this store, I found similar hat which is much cheaper but the material is not good haha!

I know a lot of online store sell this cap and the price is less than $10 -_-

This Brooklyn NY snapback cap is a bit pricey at this store in my opinion, but it has a good quality material and I totally love it! ^^

with love,